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LED article hard light production process what is the problem

by:Inlity     2020-04-30

in this case, the article LED hard light lights up nicely solved this contradiction - — The unique shape and high cost performance let article LED hard light the lamps and lanterns manufacturers have great price control space. And depth of the invention of the round LED hard article lamp filament light difference with normal filament lamp, it is no different with the ordinary incandescent lamp. This kind of lamp greatly simplifies the production process of lamps and lanterns, better guarantee the quality. On the other hand, people see the depth of round leds made of hard article lamp filament article hard bubble type LED light bulbs, will be associated with the traditional incandescent bulbs. Article LED hard light lighting products is not naturally expensive, we vigorously developed LED hard article lamp filament lamp is to change the 'core' lamp, combined with the cost advantages of incandescent lamp, lamp 'core' of technological innovation in the injection of incandescent lamp, incandescent light bulbs, which changes, from 2 W and 8 W LED hard light a lamp, light efficiency reach 120 lm/W, technology innovation, make the incandescent lamp under article LED hard light changes in technology, to give the light of life. To promote the overall civil field LED lighting products, LED products become visible, people can afford real trust of lighting products, with '. Production process problems due to the led article lamp is a series-parallel structure, and as a result, a group in the loop when there is short circuit happens, will cause the same group of other led voltage increases, the brightness of the leds will increase, the corresponding heat will also along with the rising. Obviously in article 5050 lights, 5050 article lamp in which a single chip circuits have short circuit, can cause a short circuit of the double lamp bead current rise, namely 20 ma to ma, 40, the brightness of the lights will become very bright, but also calorific value will increase, serious will be burned down in a few minutes of circuit board. But because the problem is more subtle, generally will not pay attention to, because of short circuit does not affect the normal article lamp luminous, if the employee is responsible for the test is only focused on whether the LED light, and not to check the brightness of the anomaly, or don't do a visual inspection, electric logging, only do tend to ignore the problem, which is why many LED hard light bar manufacturer always meet customer complaint said fever, but I can't find out the reason.

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