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Large space lighting system project of yantai penglai international airport(YTIA)

Large space lighting system project of yantai penglai international airport(YTIA)


Lighting design completed: June 2013 / lighting construction completed: April 2015

Chief designer: Daobo Zhang

Design team: Caiken Zhang, Xuelin Han, Huanbing Yang, Jinshan Lu.

Company: Shanghai Inlity lighting Electronics co., Ltd.

Penglai airport project is Chinese first large space lighting all use LED lighting international airport. 8m starting floor is a typical large space lighting area, which integrates ticket island, security check and airport waiting functions.

It is divided into A, B and C areas with A total area of about 30000 square meters.

The whole ceiling for the streamline structure, like the ups and downs of the waves;The highest height is 18.8m in area B of the middle part, and the lowest 8m in area A and area C is gradually lower in both sides.

Related products:FL series,BT series,CL series,DL series,etc.

Elapsed time:2013-2015

Customer country:Chinese mainland

Customer type:Construction Group

Total cost:USD$21.40 Million

This project could be the typical case of lighting project in Inlity Lighting.

After Yantai Municipal Construction Group won the biding project of the Yantai Penglai Intl Airport,the lighting system part put on the table under this background.

With over 11 years experience in lighting industry,Inlity lighting become well known by more and more people,and meanwhile Yantai Group come to consult us for the lighting system.Our head engineer Daobo Zhang and his team take it and resolved series of challenge perfectly finally,all solutions focus on the full LED lighting application,the lighting glare and adaptation of the whole airport.

The layer of the use of LED lamps and lanterns, 8 m all adopt the Dali interface can realize 0 to 10 v voltage dimmer, with all of this space by philips BA system for dimming control of lamps and lanterns, according to season, weather, traffic, flights to achieve energy saving control, in the actual operation to the airport management may bring more diversity, flexible manipulation.

Our after-sale service team check in the finished items regularly and keep on the feedback.

And we’d like to share some key technical challenges as following:

1. Out Door Space

A. Passenger Off plane

TYPE IV floodlights ensure the illuminance of the ceiling is uniform and reflected light is diffuse. combined with the indoor lighting and lateral low places lighting, make the whole area of passenger off plane was surrounded in three-dimensional light.

The concealable flat floodlights do not damage the streamline of the glass wall.

B.Parking Lot

Compared with directional light and hard shadow from conventional high-pole lamp, diffuse light from the linear lamps is good for boarding task.

The dispersed lighting system can distribute light according to user's need. Normally the parking lot is half lit-up. When people or cars approach, lamps will automatically work at full-output and delay reducing theirs light output, showing considerations for users and at the same time saving more energy. Half-output lighting can attend to the stairs of the underground parking lot as well.

C. Highway Lanes

Low-position luminaires function as both lighting facilities and direction guidances. Luminaires and handrails appear as a shapely whole in the daytime. The focus of desgin is light distribution and anti-glare measures of the luminaire, whose actual performance beat most of similar products.

2.Indoor Space

A.Check-in Hall of Domestic Terminal

The basic lighting LPD = 5.5 W/m2

The basic lighting of the hall is provided by LED linear projectors mounted on skylights together with floodlights mounted on top of ticket counters.

B.Baggage Claim Hall

The customized lighting systems based on the interior design have the shape as a slim phoenix eye. They have large luminous surfaces with low surface brightness, creating a gentle and comfortable visual environment.

C.LED Flood light

Floodlights are installed on the outer wall of the dining area, so we must pay attention to the problem of glare. Because of the excellent light distribution of the floodlights, people will not be disturbed by glare even when they look down from the railing.

Our goal is to find a lighting solution in the adaptation and function of your need,and to develop it from the start to the end of the process.Although the project now finished,our after-sales service team still follow up the business whenever you may need.

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