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Install the led project-light lamp need to consider what problem

by:Inlity     2020-05-20

when we throw light on the led lights installed at the choice real professionals mainly because only such professionals can from the point of view of the very professional to make a very reasonable to consider the entire installation. Once we find the staff are very professional, many problems will be more reasonable solution.

because unlike traditional led project-light lamp light source of lamps and lanterns is glass bulb shell more, it can combine and urban street furniture is very good. Can in urban recreational space such as path, stair, deck, waterfront area lighting, garden. For flowers or low shrubs, can use led as light source for lighting. Led hidden cast light lamps will be particularly popular. Fixed end is plug type, can design according to the height of plant growth, convenient to adjust. Led lamp bead heat dissipation design margin is not enough, assembly process, material deviation caused by light bead overheating, positive pressure drop ( Vf) Falling out of control, causing the lamps and lanterns of actual power off floor. Selection of lamps and lanterns of driving power supply thermal stability is poor, large output current temperature drift, directly caused power across a wide range of lamps and lanterns. To reduce the led lamp bead material purchasing cost, light bead procurement not according to design requirements for choosing led Vf distribution BIN, led the actual consumption power deviates from the value of the design center. Due to the dynamic of the led project-light lamp, digital control color, brightness and dimmer, lively color saturation can create static and dynamic lighting effects. From the white light to the full spectrum of any color, in the use of led lighting in this kind of space opens up a new train of thought. Long life, Gao Liuming maintain value ( After 10000 hours still maintain 90% of the light flux) With 50 - metal halide lamp Compared to 250 hours of life, reduce the maintenance cost and change of the frequency of the light source. In addition, the led project-light lamp overcomes the metal halide lamp use after a period of time the color deviation phenomenon. Not only that, high-power led project-light lamp installation process may appear unexpectedly. If you are not very professional, of these unexpected circumstances you will not know how to solve. The more professional personnel at the time of the entire installation is able to achieve better effect, really considering the actual situation, to ensure smooth installation of us is the key.

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