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Inlity Presents Our New Benu SAD Therapy Light

Inlity Presents Our New Benu SAD Therapy Light

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During the winter months, it’s always important to make sure that you get enough sunlight. That can be a lot to ask with unpleasant weather like blizzards, hailstorms, and brutally cold temperatures. But while you stay warm inside, you’re missing out on some much-needed sunlight to help with your circadian rhythm. First described by Norman Rosenthal in 1984, Seasonal Affective Disorder is experienced by between 4% and 6% of people each year in the U.S.

Those of us who catch these winter blues go through symptoms starting between September and October and lasting as long as April depending on the person’s environment. Lack of sunlight is no joke, and most medical professionals consider SADs a major depressive disorder. This reason is why it is important for people experiencing symptoms to find a high-quality sunlight SAD treatment lamp.

Inlity’s Benu S.A.D. therapy lamp provides enough power to mimic the extra hours needed to assist with uplifting the user’s mood. You get so much extra sunlight throughout the spring and summer months. It only makes sense that you would need to find a way to still have access to those extra hours. The Benu S.A.D. light therapy lamp emits around 12,000 lux of light at 20 cm. With that amount of intensity, the user only needs 20 to 30 minutes in front of the lamp to achieve the best results. Light therapy must be done in the morning to help promote a healthy sleep cycle.

Take control of your mental health and use the Benu S.A.D. light therapy lamp from Inlity to help elevate your mood and energize you throughout the winter months. Don't let the ice and snow prevent you from maintaining the ultimate balance with your mental health. Start your day off correctly with the help from Inlity and their quality LED light therapy lamps.



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