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Industrial and mining lamp shell what kind of benefits

by:Inlity     2020-05-24
In real life, the LED mining lamp shell from the technology, from the user feedback, the LED mining lamp shell technology has matured, and under a lot of consumer's consistent high praise, this is mainly because of his relative to advantages than ordinary street lamp Energy saving. The consumption of the earth's resources are slowly now, the appearance of the LED for the earth to alleviate a lot of stress. LED mining lamp shell design novel and unique, compared with the ordinary street lamp on the modelling of more beautiful and easy, the service life of the LED mining lamp shell more consumers can solve the problem of maintenance. LED mining lamp shell is maintenance free, our manufacturer warranty five years, five years out of the question manufacturer is maintenance free of change, the service life of the ordinary lamp is normal for two to three years, is to take human resources service.

industrial and mining lamp shell most of the main faults are from guang-yuan yu. Although LED mining lamp shell also has many deficiencies, such as standard, indeed, lead to the manufacturer's maintenance costs increased. But from this years LED lighting products packaging technology constantly improve and heat dissipation technology development, the stability of light source has reached a good level. Even if it is droop and color drift, this is mainly due to thermal design unreasonable. Direct necrosis, very few are relatively common light source is more serious.

save energy is one of the important problems we face, in the lighting field, the application of LED products is attracting the attention of the world, as a new type of green lighting products, LED is the trend of future development, in the 21st century will enter a new lighting source era represented by the LED.

industrial and mining lamp shell

when buying, LED lighting, the main depends on the quality of the lamps and lanterns. LED lighting is usually made of glass lampshade, stents are usually made of metal. The LED lamp shade basically see light is correct? The right, the appearance of the image and color character may be all the echo of the room. The corrosion of the metal is correct? Prominent, the color is correct? Beautiful full of an important goal of quality. The brightness of the light

light was soft, and usually must be smaller than 62 watts. For example, the choice of different types of LED lights, and the other: according to the requirements of the equipment room billed in small head LED wash wall lamp, LED wash wall lamp double room is big, you can choose a few thick LED wall lamp; Otherwise, choose thinner. Finally it is worth noting that the best choice of the lighting protection cover LED wall lamp, can avoid the risk of light wallpaper.

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