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Industrial aluminum oxide solution

by:Inlity     2020-05-08

industrial aluminum although many profession, is the use of common materials. But in the process of manufacturing, but not so brief, often due to various factors, make the aluminum is not so perfect. Meantime aluminum brief oxidation, is a headache problem, facing the homework personnel should be how to deal with this situation?

( 1) Aging aluminum aging method to be decided according to the climatic conditions, there are in the summer the sun exposure in the sun, rainy or winter available oven roasted, process condition is: temperature of 40 ~ 50 ℃ moment 10 ~ 15 min. ( 2) Hot water wash hot water washing intention is aging membrane layer. But shall strictly control the water temperature, time, water temperature too high film thinning, colour. Industrial aluminum extrusion processing time is too long will also present the similar problems, suitable temperature and time is: 40 ~ 50 ℃ temperature time zero. 1MIN ~ 5。 ( 3) Boring boring is good with natural drying, the hot water filling keep workpiece hang on the shelf, let homework appearance of free water in downflow Chui straight direction. Flow to the bottom edge Angle of water with a towel to absorption, dry film color according to the method is not affected, appear natural. ( 4) Unqualified parts repair should pick out before dry, aging processes, for dry, aging film after remission is more difficult and affects the roughness of industrial aluminum extrusion appearance. The problem the author did some exploration, the technology progress through a variety of ways to experiment, find ways to choose the following effect is very good, the way to a brief, and shall not affect the appearance quality of workpiece, the detailed process is as follows: the first will be unqualified industrial aluminum clamp fixture were used on the aluminum anodic oxidation, then by method of anodic oxidation of aluminum in sulfuric acid solution anodizing for 2 ~ 3 min, membrane layer of loose, fall off, and then through slightly alkaline cleaning and nitrate from scratch for conductive anodizing after the light.

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