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How to reduce the wastage of the aluminium profile?

by:Inlity     2020-05-09

operator manual operation - Any time the operator access to the profile will increase the likelihood of material damage. Profiles on the transmission system easy to damage, but when the profile is loaded aging box and unloading from the limitation of material boxes and packing to more easily damaged during shipment. On the link need to strengthen the training of operating personnel, improve the staff's cautious of consciousness. Maintenance - for aluminium profile extrusion machine Aluminum extrusion machine maintenance condition aluminum defects have significant influence on whether. Aluminum extrusion press for it or not, sheng ingot tube and the status of the dummy block will affect the quality of the aluminium profile. Extrusion of the residual air - Extrusion to see if there are air is brought into sheng ingot tube and then on the extrusion pressure, the air will be compressed into a small volume and temperature. Due to compression will heat up the air around the aluminum alloy melt and to produce bubbles in the aluminium profile, or bubble will burst open after the die working with, thus formed in the aluminum surface blowhole. First, two kinds of problem will make the aluminum produces defects resulting in waste. May cause air brought into has three factors: 1. Residual gas - caused by upsetting Only in ingot tube column diameter greater than the rod diameter column bar can be loaded into spindle drum. Pressure on sheng ingot column within the cylinder rods to extend column bar to the ingot after the tube diameter, must carry out the air. The air is released by 'exhaust cycle'. Dummy block normal operation is very important for successful exhaust. 2. Long stick hot gas residue - cut On the column bar hot shear shear plane is can't be perfect, vertical. Simple long stick causes column bar shear distortion, cause the oval cross section and shear the large fillet. Long stick even the most advanced hot cut, cut column there is always round edges. When column bars in ingot cylinder upsetting the round it is easy to cause air residues. Long stick saw can replace long stick hot cut. Can use long stick hot saw sawing out the vertical column bar surface. Without deformation there would be no into the air. But some aluminum manufacturer for cutting will produce rather than using a long stick of aluminum hot saw. From the Angle of the economics of aluminum extrusion, it is important of sawing is without spending any of aluminum extrusion time is not likely to reduce the production efficiency of aluminum extrusions. These are low value of aluminum scrap, won't cause any fee increase value-added process. Deal with these waste, the only need is to melt processing cost. If a long stick hot saw can be aluminum utilization by 0. 5%, cutting the cost of aluminum is less than the value of aluminum scrap. Installation of heating equipment in North America, more than 90% of the manufacturer to cut the eyes from the long bar hot to choose long stick hot saw. There are many original user will use long stick hot shear equipment upgrades for long stick hot saw, because they saw the use long stick hot saw will greatly reduce the fact that aluminum defect. 3. The gas caused by two splicing column bar residual - As a result of the two paragraphs short column bar surface is almost flat, there is little possibility of into the air. Sawing quality directly affects the between two short column bar into the air. Now there is a new technology can avoid the Mosaic column bar two pieces. This column is great spin welding machine. Before cut into the required length of column bar, bar rod rotation welding machine can set the remaining period of less than the length of the sequence under cylindrical rod welding to a long stick, thereby eliminating for two pieces of joining together the possibility of column bar and into the air. Solid pollutants - And squeezed into the air, the defects caused by pollution will also destroy the whole root length aluminum. Solid pollutants, there are two main sources: 1. Warehousing - It is very important to keep the plant clean. Storage places, long long stick bar heating equipment, to the aluminum extrusion press send rod column rod conveying equipment, aluminum extrusion machine loading device, and aluminum extrusion machine itself should be kept clean to avoid damage to the aluminum. Excessive lubrication is an important reason for pollution, lubrication excessive aluminum pollution easily. Necessary training operators how to make reasonable rather than an excess of lubrication. Not too much lubrication is harmful to the process. 2. Long stick hot shear - pollution Long stick on the surface of many pollutants ( Such as the oxide or dirt) By shear in long stick when they enter the short column, hot shear shear has a characteristic is not get rid of any material. But the long stick hot saw sawing can eliminate the pollution.

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