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How to distinguish the color temperature light bead?

by:Inlity     2020-04-25

in LED products, there is an important specification number is the color temperature, which is related to the color of the LED lighting products display features, general lamps and lanterns also all of the specifications of the color temperature. Color temperature measurement unit is KelvinScale, namely to K, color temperature for white light warm white light, such as 6000 K for white light, blue above 6500 K, 6000 K under the yellow ( Warm white) , we usually put the light source color temperature is divided into three categories:

1. Low color temperature, color temperature below 3300 k, smooth color slants red give warm feeling; All have sedate atmosphere, warm; When sowing source irradiation with low color, can make more bright red. Suitable for families, housing, dormitory, hospitals, hotels and other places, or temperature is lower. 2. Medium temperature: also called the middle color, the color temperature in k - 3300 5300 k. Warm white light is downy, make the person feel happy, comfortable, peaceful, is suitable in shop, hospital, office, hotel, restaurant, waiting room and so on. 3. Color, high color temperature: also called sun its colour temperature above 5300 k, light close to natural light, bright feeling, make the person focused, suitable for office, conference room, classroom, drawing room, design room, library, reading room, window display and so on.

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