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How many INLITY led panel light are sold per year?

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Shanghai Shanghai Inlity Lighting Electronics Co., Ltd. Electronics Co., ltd. is a professional and sizable company of led pendant light. led round panel light is one of Inlity Lighting's multiple product series. Inlity outdoor led lighting is fully tested by our quality control professionals, who test the tension and fatigue of each style of bedding. It has a shading strip that is pasted on the edge of the housing to guarantee uniform luminance on the edge and middle area. The greatest advantage of this product lies in its enduring look and appeal. Its beautiful texture brings warmth and character to any room. The product comes in various sizes and shapes.

Our company support and contribute to sustainability goals that positively affect communities and the planet. We have made progress in reducing resources and packing materials utilization so as to reduce carbon footprint.

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