Inlity-Elegant LED Lighting designer & manufacturer provides lighting solutions since 2005 

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How is INLITY positioned?
INLITY is a brand that focuses on selling premium quality INLITY at an affordable price. Attempts have been made to control the production costs from raw materials to production processes and quality control. Pricing is done after systematic market survey.

Shanghai Shanghai Inlity Lighting Electronics Co., Ltd. Electronics Co., ltd. is a strategy partner for several well-known domestic and foreign led pendant light companies. Inlity Lighting's architectural linear lighting is various in types and styles to meet the different needs of customers. Inspections for Inlity led flat panel light will take place during and after production. During production, the product will be checked for sewing quality (seams, stitches, and openings), and physical properties (resistance to tearing, shrinkage, color fastness) after production. It is widely known that this product is widely accepted in the industry for its broad application prospects. With a built-in overheat protection system, it does not prone to burn out.

High standards, sophistication, and zero defect are what we pursue. The whole staff is working hard to improve the product quality from the material selection to the final stage. Check it!
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