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hanging light fixtures - how to figure the correct height

by:Inlity     2020-03-16
Hanging lamps are used for hanging chandeliers.
Pendant light looks beautiful if good
Use the appearance model and select the model to work well at a given installation location.
If you manage to fix the pendant at the correct height, the lights will be used most efficiently.
Therefore, in order to best use the chandelier, one needs to know the correct height of the repair lamp.
In order to understand the correct height of the hanging fixture, you need to first decide where to install the fixture.
No unique height is considered ideal
The ideal height depends on the position of the fixture.
There must be a basic premise that is correct in each case.
The fixture must make the suspended light sufficient brightness at the point of interest, but must not hinder the free movement.
If you can make sure of this in all the places where the hanging fixture is installed, you will do a good job.
It is usually observed that if it is a restaurant, people want to put the lights about 3 feet above the table.
If your table is around 30 inch (2. 5 feet)
High, then the bottom of the lamp is about 5.
5 feet from the ground
This will be low if you walk along the place, but once your table is directly under the pendant fixture, the hanging height of the lamp is right.
It lights up your table, but provides enough motion space under it.
If you hang the fixture in the bathroom, stairs or entrance door, then the recommended height at the bottom of the fixture is 7 feet from the ground.
In the case of the kitchen, you will want to focus your attention a little deeper without highlighting your eyes.
Therefore, the recommended height is between 6 and 6.
5 feet in this case.
For the study table, the bottom of the hanging fixture should be at a height of about 2.
5 feet from the countertop.
Another point to note is that the height mentioned in this article is to assume the average height of you and your family.
If there is any abnormality on both sides, you must adjust the height accordingly.
Also, please note that if you have a home with a high ceiling, you may have to use a fixture that hangs for a long time so that the light is dark enough, give you enough brightness to get good enough visuals.
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