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Hanging Light Fixture - A Question of Striking

by:Inlity     2020-03-28
When it comes to fixing pendant lights, hanging light fixtures are extremely popular. The fixtures today are available in a number of makes, designs and models. There are a number of good-looking fixtures that improve the decor of the already-beautiful pendant light. And the right fixture makes all the difference when it comes to usability of the pendant lights. When you are hanging a light pendant, the primary issue that you have to answer is the height of fixing the light. And striking the right balance of ease of movement and brightness is critical in perfecting the pendant light's position. The pendant light will be in the way if it is hanged too high. And it will be ineffective if it hangs too low. What, then, is the right height of the hanging light fixture? There is no one unique answer to this. The brightness desired depends upon the nature of use of the light. And the height that is good enough not to obstruct movement need not be the same in all the places. If you understand these two factors, striking the desired balance will become a lot easier. Consider a study room. You would need to read books, keeping the books on your reading table surface. So the requirement here is that the book must get enough illumination such that you do not have to stress your eyes to read. On the other hand, note that since the pendant will be fixed to hang right over the table to provide maximum illumination, you do not need to have enough height below the fixture such that humans can pass. So if the height of your reading table is two-and-a-half feet, then the bottom of the fixture would do well at a height of five to five-and-a-half feet from ground. The above example should give you a decent idea of what to look for while calculating the balance. If you extend the same example to the case of a dining table, the numbers ought to be similar. However, the numbers will change if you take a kitchen or a stairway. In case of a stairway or an entrance gate, you shall have to illuminate a relatively longer stretch. However, the intensity of the light does not have to be too high. Also, note that you can never predict whether tall people are going to visit your place. So in such cases, you would want to setup the hanging light fixture such that the bottom of the fixture is high enough, around seven to seven-and-a-half feet is a practical height. In case of a kitchen, you need somewhat better focus, so reduce this height by a foot to six feet or slightly more. In general, apply your common sense and you shall strike a good balance to maximize your utilities by installing your hanging light fixtures at the right heights.
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