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Five distinguish the quality of LED lamp line

by:Inlity     2020-05-05

now the LED lamp line design is full of beautiful things in eyes, many manufacturers to promote their business, the line of light are of good quality, low cost, long service life, etc. , and some of the high cost of 'brand', whether we want to how to distinguish the stand or fall of line lamp.

first, to see the glue: paragraph 1 line lamp in one year is such a serious yellowing phenomenon because of poor glue materials, there are a lot of in the name of the waterproof PU adhesive to sell inferior glue, waterproof properties is poor, easy yellowed dimmed, the same as normal, it is waterproof PU glue the prices are far, basically is more than double the price. Second, the aluminum: ultra-thin aluminum flexible type, choose in line light aluminum, the formal manufacturers will first consider the heat dissipation performance is good, whether you think the thicker the aluminum, the better? Actually otherwise, you are on the make-up, powdery bottom more thick more good-looking? Certainly not, aluminum if you want to do it is not easy to deformation, good heat dissipation, must choose moderate thickness, cannot say blindly want the thicker the aluminum, the better, if the line light aluminum heat dissipation, the better the thinner? 不! The thinner aluminum radiator is bad, when installation easy extrusion deformation, so jerry no good! Another is a question of price, if you want a cost-effective, manufacturers have fairly good materials must control. Third, see light bead components: in the industry, so several packaging manufacturer big names, what career - Puri - Day - Taiwan wafer, etc. , but can you tell if this is you get the chip brand? Some lost conscience line lamp manufacturers how good his quote billed as raw material, with a few cents to pretend to be a big brand of chip to sell, but the price law in fact, what good could buy cheap goods? Customer is deluding themselves, willing to be cheated, small make up also is drunk. Some lights, domestic brands, after years of testing and improvement, their craft and play is also very strong and stable, according to the project cost you can choose a few domestic good brand, such as three, this brand is good too. Fourth, look at the selection of circuit board, aluminum board will be better than glass fiber board? Really good quality line lamp, mostly chose aluminum plate as a source of circuit board. Don't glass fiber board has been labeled as bad? This is not yes, I also think the product is high quality product of glass fiber board, then after the technician explanation, also know that glass fiber board has good or bad, you can even better than the quality of the aluminum plate, as long as the steady, aluminum plate and glass fiber board, they are all good circuit board. Fifth, the waterproof plug: the LED market is really big, every year, customer consulting a: 'do you have any new prices this year', there are some manufacturers are under the pressure, will cut a little on material, but there are some manufacturers to lower profits to maintain existing customers, waterproof plugging are cheap, but relatively conductive is bad, and waterproof properties is poor, easy to cause the water leakage, square head basically four core plug is also very good though its price is higher, but overall stability can reach 99% waterproof, that 1% is likely to be not tight.

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