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Embedded introduction of lamps and lanterns

by:Inlity     2020-04-25
After installation of lamps and lanterns use, lamps and lanterns structure of ontology is where, other parts of the lamp body is embedded into the building or other objects in the invisible.

refers to after installation, lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns ontology structure where it is, that is to say, can only see the lamp illuminated side, other parts of the lamp body is embedded into the building or other objects in May. Type

water LED buried lights, buried lights, dome light and so on.

brightness contrast large product selection points ceiling and lamps and lanterns, vertical illumination effect is poorer, requires the installation of the ceiling has enough space

1) General principles

1) The lamps and lanterns of choose reasonable light distribution. Shall be determined according to the shape of the function and space of the places of lighting lamps and lanterns of light distribution type.

( 2) Choose efficient lamps and lanterns. Under the condition of meet the requirements of glare restrictions, for lighting only meet the visual function, appropriate USES direct light lamps and lanterns and open type lamps and lanterns.

( 3) Choose the lamps and lanterns of easy for installation and maintenance, low operating cost.

( 4) In a fire or explosion danger and dust, humidity, vibration and corrosion environment of the special places, such as lamps and lanterns should be chosen to meet the environmental requirements.

( 5) Surface of lamps and lanterns and light with accessories such as high temperature near the fuel, heat insulation, heat dissipation and other fire protection measures should be taken.

( 6) Lighting lamps and lanterns should have complete photoelectric parameters, its various performance should comply with the current 'the general requirements and test of lamps and lanterns' and other relevant provisions of the standard.

( 7) Appearance of lamps and lanterns should be in harmony with the environment of the installation site.

( 8) Considering the characteristics of the light source and the requirements of architectural decoration.

2) Indoor lighting places

1) In need of uniform illumination, ratio of high to allow distance of lamps and lanterns should be considered when choosing lamps and lanterns.

( 2) In place for large capacity have central air conditioning and lighting, appropriate USES the combination of lighting and air-conditioning inlet forms.

( 3) Hall, meeting, negotiation and other places of lighting should guarantee enough vertical illuminance.

( 4) Lighting lamps and lanterns decorate should be fully considered and the combination of natural lighting.

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