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Avoid Shadows in the Bathroom

by:Inlity     2020-04-07
When planning the lighting design for your bathroom, it is important to ensure that shadows are altogether avoided. Not only because they spoil the entire look of the bathroom, but also because they come in the way of proper functionality. The bathroom is used for a number of purposes. The vanity is mainly used for shaving or applying makeup, etc. Obviously, this area needs adequate lighting. If shadows were allowed in this area, you would not be able to properly see what you were doing. While shaving, you risk injuring yourself, whereas while applying makeup, you could end up marring the whole effect or choosing the wrong color. Similarly, the shower and bath area need adequate illumination, so that you can see the floor clearly and don't injure yourself by slipping on a wet floor. These days, recessed lighting is extremely popular and is commonly used in bathrooms. While it does create a great effect, if not properly designed, it could lead to a lot of shadows. If you are planning on using it, perhaps you also need to consider installing it to ensure that the possibility of shadows does not occur. Ambient lighting is typically warm and soft, does not produce a harsh glare or make you squint. It is just enough to ensure that all areas of the bathroom receive illumination. On the other hand, important area like the vanity and the shower need specific. These areas are called task areas since important tasks are performed there and the lighting appropriate for the in task lighting. The vanity ideally needs two fixtures at appropriate height on either side of the mirror to ensure that the light is bright enough and there is no play of shadows. The other option is to have lighting affixed around all the edges of the mirror. At the shower area, an overhead or a wall Pendant Light fixtures will both do just fine as long as they are able to provide adequate illumination. Natural light that comes in from the windows should also be considered and used as far as possible.
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