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Application Of Led Panel Lights And Blackboard Lights In Classroom

Application Of Led Panel Lights And Blackboard Lights In Classroom

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The classroom lighting follows the principles:

1. Keep the original panel lighting method;

2. Try not to change the original cable layout and capacity;

3. The lamps are more healthy and comfortable, and control glare and strobe;

4. Scene lighting, to create a suitable light environment on demand.

The goal of classroom lighting renovation:

1. The maximum average illuminance of the classroom is above 300lx, and the uniformity of the desktop area is above 0.85;

2. The average illuminance of the blackboard is more than 500lx, and the uniformity is more than 0.75;

3. Adjust the brightness to set the lighting scene, and create the light environment for common scenes such as class, rest, projection, and self-study, and realize one-key switching and scene control;

4. Centralized control of UV sterilization;

5. Intelligent control three times to save energy;

6. Remote monitoring, remote control, security linkage.

Lighting layout and technique

1.3.1 Top view of classroom lighting layout

1.3.2 Rear view of classroom lighting layout

1.4.1 Top view of simulated false color of classroom illuminance

1.4.2 Rear view of classroom illuminance simulation pseudo-color

1.5.1 Illumination simulation of classroom desktop work

1.5.2 Simulation of working illuminance on blackboard

Lamp technical parameters

1.6.1 Lamp Model No.:  PNX30036

Installation locationDesk area, ceiling of classroom
Lamp classificationEye protection LED classroom lamp
Lamp materialsAluminum alloy, electrostatic powder coating
Appearance colorwhite
DimensionsL1190mm x W295mm x H16mm
Protection rateIP20
Light sourceLED SMD4014
Rated power36W
Luminons flux3600 lm
Color Temperature5000K
Color rendering index90
Light distribution requirements1: 90°-270°H;

2: 0°-180°H;

Input voltageAC 220-240V
Lifespan>50,000 hours
ControlIntelligent control drive module + human body induction + constant illumination sensor

Light distribution curve

1.6.2 Lamp Model No.:  PDX61036

Installation locationAbove the blackboard
Lamp classificationLED blackboard lamp
Lamp materialsAluminum alloy, surface oxidation treatment
Appearance colorSilver white
Protection rateIP20
Light sourceLED SMD2835
Rated power36W
Luminons flux3000 lm
Color Temperature5000K
Lifespan> 50,000 hours
Input voltageAC220-40V
InstallationSuspension rod

Light distribution curve

1.6.3 Lamp Model No.:  BTE30036

Installation locationClassroom
Lamp classificationUV germicidal lamp
Lamp materialsIron fixture, electrostatic powder coating
Appearance colorWhite
Protection rateIP20
Light sourcePhilips UV Quartz tube lamp
Rated power36W
Luminons flux/
Color TemperatureUV
Lifespan> 50,000 hours
Input voltageAC220-40V
InstallationSuspension rod

1.6.3 Intelligent control device

2.1 After lighting renovation

2.1.1 Classroom working lighting

After transformation

average illumination:

623lx increase rate: 121%

Total uniformity:

0.89 increase rate: 12.5%

2.1.2 Blackboard lighting

2.1.3 UV germicidal lamp


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