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An embedded intelligent lighting lamps and lanterns of led lamp line what advantage is there?

by:Inlity     2020-04-26

smart lighting lamps and lanterns is an indispensable part of the smart home, the flexibility and accuracy is higher and higher, more widely used, and in the moment this smart lamps and lanterns is not strange things, and even become the choice of many firms and households, modern people hope the light can also bring more experience. What are the advantages so smart lighting lamps and lanterns? A, intelligent automatic dimming of lamps and lanterns intelligent lighting control system can adopt automatic working state. System there are a number of basic state, the state will be according to the preset time switch, and the intensity of illumination will be automatically adjusted to the optimum level. Second, the intelligent lighting make full use of natural lights adjustable light control function of construction equipment ( Such as shutter curtain) To adjust the control of natural light, can also be moving and lighting system. When the weather changes, the system can automatically adjust, at any place or how to change in the weather, the system can assure indoor intensity of illumination at preset level. Three, intelligent illumination lamps and lanterns of the consistency general lighting designers for new building lighting design, over time will be given to efficiency of lamps and lanterns and room metope reflectivity attenuation, thus, the initial intensity of illumination are set too high. This design not only could cause building in the same ( Or the duration between two illuminative) Do not match the intensity of illumination, but also because at the beginning of the high intensity of illumination and cause unnecessary energy waste. After using intelligent lighting control, although the high intensity of illumination or design, but because of can intelligent dimmer, the system will be in accordance with the standards of preset intensity for maintain constant illumination lighting area, and not affected by the attenuation of low efficiency and metope reflectivity of lamps and lanterns. Four, intelligent lighting light environment scene intelligent transformation of intelligent lighting control system can be set in advance of different setting module, as long as in the corresponding control panel when need to meet the need of operation can be transferred to the scene. Users can also through the programmable control panel to adjust the scene to meet the different requirement. In addition, users can also through the interface the commutation of the different scenarios using portable programmer Settings. Five, the intelligent operation of energy-saving lamps and lanterns can intelligent lighting control system for the majority of lamps and lanterns, Including incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp, with a special ballast sodium lamp, mercury lamp, neon lights, etc. ) Of intelligent dimmer to where it is needed, in the time required for adequate lighting. Turn off the lamps and lanterns of don't need in time, make full use of natural light, its operation and energy saving effect fully. Intelligent lighting control can save 20% ~ 40% of its electricity, not only reduce the user electricity expenses, and to reduce the supply pressure. Six, intelligent extend the service life of the light source of lamps and lanterns is well known, light source overvoltage damage is the main reason of the power grid, as long as appropriate to reduce working voltage can prolong the life of the light source. Intelligent lighting control system with the method of soft start, can impulse voltage control of power grid and the surge voltage, filament from thermal shock, the life span 2 ~ 4 times, so that the light source for the extensive use of light source and install difficult areas has more special significance.

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