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About LED lamp line set structure, there will be what?

by:Inlity     2020-04-27

from the LED lamp line choose one of two side surface on a line with a diameter of outlet hole, waterproof for wiring from the hole connected to the circuit board, its advantage is to achieve seamless docking, lighting effect with no dark space, installation is very convenient, and the qualification: the bottom line is from opposite ends of the line light aluminum position at the bottom of the drill in a round hole and the wire diameter is quite, the same principle as a side line, wire line at the bottom of the lamp in addition to achieve seamless docking, still can make the wiring hidden place to hide in the bottom. Under the condition of no label to do? On lamps and lanterns is no label mark voltage is how much, if the lamps and lanterns is transparent glue, can clearly see the inside of the lamp body components, through its lamp bead amount, in the judgement of components such as resistors, capacitors, and then from low to high voltage test the lamps and lanterns of lighting conditions, can choose some testing tools during the test. If you are unable to see clearly the lamp body appearance, internal components will need to disassemble the lamps for testing. This LED lamp and wall lamp down lines of glue method is hitting vibration method, stripping method, moment method, heating method and solvent method, immersion method, alkali solution, etc. For outdoor lighting lamps and lanterns products because of special installation position, the glue will generally choose transparent, white or black soft rubber, and soft glue used in outdoor environment not easy hardening crack. This kind of LED lamp line colloid only need to use a knife or tweezers gently open can be removed. Back light source: LED back light small size less than 10 inches, mainly used in mobile phones, MP3, MP4, PDA, digital cameras, video cameras and fitness equipment, etc. Medium size back light: 10 inches to 20 inches, it is mainly used for laptops, computer display and various monitor; Large size back light: more than 20 inches, is mainly used in color TV LCD display. If glue process lines in LED lamp is not pumping air into vacuum state, leading to the bottom of the PCB trapped gas, glue cannot be fully populated, waterproof glue weak links, and internal air trapping in a circuit switch work under alternative heating, cooling, due to the heat bilges cold shrink cavity of the negative pressure effect, will generate secondary porosity and capillary phenomenon. Guide to LED linear light appearance and performance are affected.

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