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A Comparison of Square and Round LED Panel Lights


If you want LED panel lights for your home or office, there will be different shapes and sizes available for you. Most commonly, you will have to choose between a square or round LED panel light(square vs round ceiling lights). Although some people can make a decision easily, others will probably be pickier. In general, you should choose a shape that looks beautiful in the context of use. However, when looking at the squares and circles of LED panel lights, you will encounter some technical differences. These differences may affect the functionality of the panel under certain settings.

In this article, we will compare square and round LED lights to understand which setting is better.

Square LED Panel Lights

Lots of people enjoy the square layout in LED panel lighting due to its sleekness. Most indoor configurations will readily accommodate the square form. The square shape also occurs to provide an expert vibe so its often found in commercial indoor configurations. Many residential configurations will also utilize the square LED panel since it is actually hard to choose the ideal shape, the square ones work just fine.

As far as the color of the lights is concerned, most square LED panel lights at the marketplace to come in white light. Consumers can choose warm white, natural white and cold white.

Round LED Panel Lights
Those who wish to be more creative in terms of lighting will prefer the round LED panel lights. This shape is versatile, easy to install, and easy to manage. This shape is ideal for installations in areas that require constant but low maintenance lighting, such as industrial buildings. One can choose from different sizes, but the all-round LED panel has an optical illumination angle. This ensures that the light is evenly and widely projected. A number of color choices can be obtained as well.

Round LED Panel Lights for office, mall, homeOffice round LED panel lights

Comparison of Square and Round LED Panel Lights

If we examine square vs round LED panel light, its evident that the square or horizontal panels have significantly more luminous efficacy when compared with round shapes. But normally, the round panel will nonetheless provide more efficiency compared to LED bulbs. In addition, round LED panel lights are more suitable for indoor environments. When installed outdoors, they are susceptible to moisture, which can damage internal circuits.

What exactly should be your ultimate choice? Now that weve reviewed square vs round LED panel lighting, you ought to be aware that the luminous efficiency and place for the panel are all factors you need to think about before making the last choice.

When choosing between square and round LED panel lights, one should make sure that the shape and size you choose is appropriate for a specific setting. For areas that require more lighting, square LED panel lights should be used. For areas that are not cleaned and maintained daily, round LED panel lights should be used as they can sustain low maintenance.

Round panel lightfor office, hotel, home and restaurant

LED Round Panel Light 1200mm Diameter 130W Remote Control CCT Adjustable PNX40130

Product Parameter

Model: PNX40130

Factory Price: Negotiate

Supply Ability: 3,000 pieces per month

Port: Shanghai

Payment Terms: L/C, Cash, Western Union, T/T, PayPal


MOQ: 1 piece

Lead Time: 5 days for sample order (<10pcs), 10~25 days for bulk order

ODM & OEM: Available

Certification: CE, EMC, LVD, RoHS, ErP, etc

Trade terms: FOB, CNF, CIF, EXW

Product Feature
▶ Light source shielded

Bright LED light represents a challenge for designers. Optimal luminance control and luminance uniformity were therefore of the most important in the development of light panel with the light guide technology. The shading strip was pasted on the edge of the housing that made the luminance on the edge as the same as the luminance on the middle area.

▶ Smooth transition

The light guide technology is that the light sources are recessed on the edge of the housing, the light guide plate makes the light out, the diffuser makes the light soft. With the light guide technology, PNX4 round panel light creates a soft and pleasant transition from the light source to the light exiting surface, makes people comfortable.

▶ Excellent color rendering

PNX4 round panel light has two versions with Ra values above 80 and 90, people can choose the light depending on the application.

The Applications of PNX4 Round Panel Light
PNX4 round panel light is specially designed for high-end offices, hotels, homes and restaurants. Depending on the options on sizes from diameter 300mm to diameter 1200mm, this light can help build a clever and lively lighting space. The optical system is designed for high efficiency while creating a comfortable lighting environment for people living. The luminaire’s body is engraved from the block of aluminum using a CNC machine so that the housing is precise and smooth. Combined with anodized surface and powder coating treatment, the product presents a unique artistic temperament.

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